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Is my electrical panel safe?

Some of the most commonly found issues in homes that you should consider having inspected are:

  • Outdated Fuse Panels
  • Inspections Of Electrical System
  • Aluminum Wiring

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Whole Home Surge Protection
  • lengthen the life of your most valuable electronic equipment
  • stop lighting strikes and other surges from daminging your electronics
  • prevent fires from electricity from happening in your house

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Serving Calgary, AB since 1979 in residential electrical services

Our Guarantee To You

Calgary Electrician Magician is a family owned company. We pride ourselves in the quality and safety of the work that we do in your home. We only employ qualified, licensed, and insured Calgary electricians to perform our services. This is a huge consideration when allowing service providers into your home and it is as important to us as it is to you. We are "SECOR" (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety) certified. At Calgary Electrician Magician, we see the safety of our electrical services as important to us and critical to everyone on our team.

Our Residential Services

Service and Repair


Lighting Upgrades

Small Renovations

Surge Protection

Service Modifications

Service and Repair

Service & Repairs

Our licensed electricians provide for all your electrical service and electrical service upgrade needs. Contact us for:
  • review and maintenance of electrical panels
  • whole home fault protection
  • whole home surge protection
  • exhaust fans
  • electric water heaters
  • transformers
  • smoke detectors
  • appliance circuits
  • outlets and circuits
  • breakers and fuses



Do you have a problem and you can’t figure out what's causing it? Our Master electricians are concerned with the electrical safety of your home. They will use their training and experience to troubleshoot ensuring you are left with a safely operating electrical system.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades

Wishing your kitchen had more functional lighting? Wanting some extra plugs and better lighting in your bathroom? Like the idea of being energy efficient? Upgrade to energy saving light bulbs by converting to LED lighting, designed to deliver a consistent and balanced light source. LED lighting can be installed as:
  • under cabinet lighting
  • recessed LED lighting
  • kitchen lighting
  • bathroom lighting

Small Renovations




Hot Tub

You have picked out the paint colour and chosen your new faucets, now show them off with some new lighting. We will work with your bathroom renovation ideas to ensure adequate lighting for a functional and beautiful space and we will install the necessary outlets to meet your needs.
Longing to install a workbench in your garage? While we are at it, how about some path lighting or exterior yard or driveway lighting? These are multi-use areas that really up the functionality of your home.
Loving your home but needing to expand into your basement for some much needed room? Basement renovations are an investment in your home that will really give you a payback.
Or maybe, you are dreaming of slipping into a soothing hot tub. One of our professionals will come to your home and review your project at no risk to you. We are also happy to do a complimentary, no obligation inspection and report on the health and general state of your current electrical system while we are there.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Wondering if your system is adequate for all of today's array of electronics? We can help make sure your systems are protected and adequate for all your needs. Most Calgary homeowners already know to use surge protectors to lengthen the life of their most valuable electronic equipment like computers and televisions. Not only can they stop lightning strikes and other surges from damaging, or even ruining, expensive electronics, but they can also go a long way towards preventing fires in your home. What you might not have known, however, is that the Electrician Magician can install whole home surge protection that buffers your entire house - and all the electronic components within - just like one of those big power strips would. And in the process, they could save you quite a bit in electrical repairs while making your home safer. Unlike models marketed directly to consumer, most of our whole home surge protection systems do not rely on a single surge prevention unit; instead, they utilize several primary and backup surge protectors placed within your home's wiring, designed to operate in tandem and offer a much greater level of electrical protection than you would be able to achieve with a smaller unit. Of course, to get the most from these, it's important that you have them installed and tested by a trusted Calgary electrician. Although the technique requires your Calgary electrician to add protection to every incoming external electrical input to your home, and then add secondary protection throughout your house, it is often much more cost-effective than customers would suspect. This is especially true when you consider the savings that could come in the form of reduced homeowner's insurance premiums and savings on future electric repair.

Service Modifications

Service Modifications

Interested in updating the electrical services in your home? Our experienced residential electricians will upgrade your electrical panel or relocate it to accommodate your home renovations. We also excel in:
  • wiring of automation systems for boilers and heaters
  • installing sensitive home data systems
  • code corrections
  • fishing wire in areas you would never believe possible
  • fixing handyman jobs that have become too complex to finish

Most Frequent Service Calls

If you're a Calgary homeowner who has never called us about electrical work before, you might be surprised at just how much we can help you with. As your number one Calgary electrician, we've been able to help with all kinds of electrical repairs, installations, adjustments and more. Here are just a few of our most frequent electrical installation and/or electrical repair service calls:
  • Adding surge protectors to new or existing Calgary homes
  • Replacement of non working plugs, switches and dimmer switches
  • Installation of new outlets and jacks
  • Replacement of existing lighting fixtures
  • Wiring hot tubs and saunas for use in your home
  • Trouble shooting electrical problems and non-working circuits
  • Renovations to the bathrooms, kitchens, and hobby rooms
  • Converting old spotlights into more energy-efficient LED models
  • Reviewing and replacing faulty electrical breakers
  • Upgrading panels and wiring
  • Pig-tailing and proper splicing for existing aluminum wiring.
  • Installation of dimmers to replace light switches
  • Garage wiring
So, whether you need someone to wire a kiln into your home studio or finish that do-it-yourself project that turned out being tougher than you expected, the Electrician Magician can help. In more than 35 years of service to homeowners and builders throughout Calgary, we have had the opportunity to work on thousands of electrical repair projects, and we can comfortably tell you no electrical repair or installation is too small. And best of all, we're one of the only sources for electrical repair in Calgary to offer, generally, same-day service, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Who We Are

Why Us

Our Vision

Our History

Why Choose Us

Calgary Electrician Magician is a family owned company. We pride ourselves in the quality and safety of the work that we do in your home. We only employ qualified, licensed and insured Calgary electricians to perform our services. This is a huge consideration when allowing service providers into your home. We want you to know that it is as important to us as it is to you.
We are "SECOR" certified. At Calgary Electrician Magician, we see the safety of our electrical services as important to us and critical to everyone on our team. Our teams of dedicated, professional electricians specialize in residential work and are trained in all facets of in-home wiring. We come to your home in clean, well-stocked vehicles fully prepared to start working and to finish in a timely manner. We are responsible for our work and will ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Our Vision

Electrician Magician knows that there is more to providing professional electrical services to homeowners than simply owning the truck and wearing a tool belt. Residential construction is evolving to include more innovative technology and our vision is to continue evolving to meet these expectations. Our review and documentation process will ensure that you will understand the planned electrical work for your residence. We will ask you to approve expenses prior to beginning larger projects and we will guarantee that you will never be surprised with an unexpected charge on your invoice.

Our History

Calgary’s Electrician Magician was created to focus on the delivery of prompt, reliable, professional residential electrician services in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1979 as ANA Electrical Industries Ltd. We are now operating our residential electrical services under the brand “Electrician Magician”. New name, same exceptional service.

Useful Information


Helpful Info

Child Safety

Child Safe Tamper Resistant Outlets

At Calgary Electrician Magician safety is paramount. The following information is provided to inform you of new codes related to tamper-resistant electrical receptacles. If you require more information, or suspect that your electrical system is unsafe for your children, please contact our residential electricians in Calgary, an inspection of your electrical system is important.

What are tamper-resistant electrical receptacles and what is the new requirement?

The 2006 Canadian Electrical Code requires new and renovated residential dwellings to have tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles. These receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that close off the contact openings of the receptacles. When a plug is inserted into the receptacle, both springs are compressed and the shutters then open, allowing for the metal prongs to make contact to create an electrical circuit. Both springs must be compressed at the same time, so the shutters do not open when a child attempts to insert an object into only one contact opening, electrical current. Tamper-resistant receptacles are an important next step to making your residence a safer place for children.

Why require tamper-resistant electrical receptacles?

Each year, approximately 3,200 children in the North America suffer severe shocks and burns when they insert items into the slots of electrical receptacles. In the worst cases, this can result in fatality. To protect your loved ones,contact us at Calgary Electrician Magician.

If homeowners do not have children, are TR receptacles required?

Yes. Owners or tenants of homes and apartments change frequently. Children visit homes of relatives and friends who don't have children of their own. This requirement ensures all new homes and apartments are safe for children. Considering upgrading the receptacles in your home? Contact us at Calgary Electrician Magician for an inspection of your electrical system.

Are TR receptacles costly?

No. The item cost of a TR receptacle adds about $0.75 to the cost of an unprotected receptacle. Based on current statistics, the average home has about 75 receptacles resulting in an overall added cost of under $60. This amount may vary slightly based on the type and style of TR receptacle used. These estimated costs do not include service fees related to professional electricians installing these devices. Our residential electricians in Calgary can provide you with further information.

Shouldn't people accept responsibility for their children and teach their children not to stick items in receptacles?

Accidents involving children and receptacles cannot be blamed entirely on poor parenting. They involve people who look away for a moment, only to face undue tragedy and pain as the result of a child's natural curiosity. The CEC's mission is to provide electrical safety in the home. TR receptacles are a simple and easy way to protect children from serious injuries that continue to happen every year. Contact Calgary Electrician Magician to learn more.




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  • Debugging a Buggy Breaker


    As a token of our commitment to safety, Calgary Electrician Magician is reprinting this information for your use.

    A worn out circuit breaker may be the problem if you have a lack of power in your home. If you are having problems figuring out which circuit breaker is worn out, follow these tips provided by our residential electricians in Calgary.


    Find the power panel. You must find the power panel in your home in order to see if a circuit breaker is damaged. It is a box made of metal with many fuses or switches in it. You should check in your basement, or maybe even in a storage closet. Power panels can be installed in several places in the home. Generally, it is not in plain sight, whichever spot it is placed it.

    If you are having trouble locating your power panel, a residential electrician in Calgary can help you.

    1. The circuit breaker causing problems should be found. If a problem should occur with the electricity in your home, a circuit breaker will stop the current flow to protect the electrical circuits. So, a damaged one should be replaced as soon as possible. A switch that is facing opposite from the rest should be located. You must completely read the label that comes with the breaker to be certain that you have not turned the breaker off. There’s a problem with your power panel if a circuit breaker, which you didn’t intentionally touch, is not facing the correct direction. For help, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician.
    2. Try resetting the circuit breaker. The following step to check whether your circuit breaker is OK, is to reset the breaker. Ensure that nobody is near anything that receives power from the circuit breaker e.g. light fixtures, power points etc. Once you flip the switch back, make sure it’s pointing in the same direction as the other circuit breakers in the box. Get somebody to see if the power is back on in the room. If power is back, and the circuit breaker has not changed direction, there is no problem. However, if power is not restored or if it immediately reverts back to the “Off” position, the circuit breaker may need to be replaced or the circuit diagnosed. For a quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.
    3. You should be aware of circuit breakers that may trip just a little too quickly. If a circuit breaker trips, or shuts off automatically, it may need to be replaced. If you haven’t increased the load on the breaker and you still find yourself checking the power panel numerous times a day an old and faulty breaker is likely the problem.
    4. Watch out for those breakers that just won’t trip. The opposite of a breaker that trips all of the time is a breaker that never trips at all. A faulty circuit breaker will not trip in the case of a problem. It is important that you take care of it immediately so that you don’t become a victim of electric shock. If you are concerned with the safety or condition of your power panel, DO NOT TOUCH IT. If this is the case, please promptly contact a residential electrician in Calgary.

    Article contributed by; Chuck Kosmider, staff writer for HowToDoThings.com

    WARNING: Be aware that electricity is dangerous and can kill you. Don’t touch your power panel before talking to a residential electrician in Calgary first.


    Are Your Breakers Buggy? Calgary Electrician Magician Can Help

    If you are experiencing repeated issues with a circuit breaker tripping in your home, it may be a symptom of a larger issue. Contact the Calgary Electrician Magician for a home electrical system inspection by a residential electrician in Calgary today.

  • Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?


    As a token of our commitment to safety, this information is provided for your use by Calgary Electrician Magician.

    Some of the most commonly found issues in homes that you should consider having inspected are:

    Outdated Fuse Panels

    Older homes may contain aluminum wiring. In itself that does not pose a risk. Faulty or loose connection can cause arcing and overheating which may result in fire. Every home electrical system is unique and requires a proper professional assessment to determine risk.

    A residential electrician in Calgary can provide an inspection to verify the safety and efficacy of your electrical system.


    Inspections Of Electrical System

    Electrocution and fire are a real threat. In 2002, electrical problems accounted for 13,217 fires, 372 injuries and deaths; and over $383 million dollars in damages in Canada*.

    Calgary Electrician Magician provides electrical inspections!


    Aluminum Wiring

    When was your last home electrical inspection? You have your furnace cleaned and inspected every year – why not your electrical system? One of the leading causes for home fires is faulty aluminum connections. Aluminum wiring for branch circuits has been outlawed since the 1970’s. Yes there are existing installations using aluminum wiring for branch circuits but are they installed with the proper copper pigtails and approved copper to aluminum splicing products? This is a major cause of overheating and damage to wiring as well as possible fires.


    Call Calgary Electrician Magician for an Inspection

    Don’t be a victim of your own electrical wiring – Call Electrician Magician today and book an inspection with a residential electrician in Calgary.

    We pride ourselves in providing some of the most honest and upfront electricians Calgary has ever known

    (*stats from Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners’ Annual Report for loses in Canada).

  • Arc Fault Protection


    As a token of our commitment to safety, this information is provided for your use by Calgary Electrician Magician.

    What is an arc fault?

    Arc faults are usually caused by undetected problems: Damaged extension cords. Improperly installed wall receptacles, electrical cable pierced by picture-hanging nails. An ARC FAULT is an unintentional electrical discharge – a problem that even the most safety-conscious homeowner can’t always avoid.

    A residential electrician in Calgary can provide an inspection to verify the safety and efficacy of your electrical system.


    How do I prevent arc faults?

    You can’t prevent arc faults from occurring. However, there is a device that can stop them by interrupting the electrical current before any damage is done. It’s called an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), and it electronically detects any arc fault and stops the flow of electricity in a fraction of a second. No electricity, no heat, no fire. And, by tripping on a specific circuit, the AFCI helps you identify the source of the problem right at the load center. Are fuses & breakers doing the same things as AFCI’s?


    Fuses and circuit breakers cannot detect low-level arcs. Only AFCIs are specifically designed for that purpose. For more information, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician


    What makes an arc fault dangerous?

    An arc fault may ignite combustible materials and cause a fire – a threat to any home and its occupants. Furnaces in attics are a common problem.Are AFCIs required by the Electrical Code?


    As of January 2006, arc fault circuit interrupters are required by the Canadian Electrical Code on all new bedroom circuits. But, you can protect you existing home too! By installing GE AFCIs now, you can get peace of mind from their added fire protection.  For more information, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician.


    Although AFCIs have their uses, it’s important to note that these protection devices are not designed to prevent fires caused by series arcing at loose connections in devices like switches or receptacles. You should have a qualified electrician verify the safe operation of the electrical installation in your home.


    A Calgary electrician specializing in residential work can provide you with more information.


    Call Calgary Electrician Magician for a Quote

    Do you want an Arc Fault protector installed in your home? Call Calgary Electrician Magician today and book a inspection with a residential electrician in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


    We pride ourselves in providing some of the most honest and upfront electricians Calgary has ever known

  • Surge Protection


    As a token of our commitment to safety, this information is provided for you by Calgary Electrician Magician.

    A surge protector protects your electrical equipment from internal component damage caused by power surges. It stops excess voltage coming into a device by rerouting it to a ground wire which negates the energy. They can add years to computers and other electrical appliances as well as prevent home fires caused by faulty wiring accidents. It is widely ignored by most people and may even be a well kept secret from most, but adding surge protectors to your electronics is a basic requirement in every home. For a quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.

    Inside the unit is a component called the MOV, or metal oxide varistor. It is a zinc oxide-based semiconductor that redirects high levels of voltage when those levels exceed the norm. Typically a quality home surge protector will have three or more MOVs lined up in a row to expand the capabilities of the unit. They are coated to protect them from igniting or short circuiting. A residential electrician in Calgary can provide an inspection to verify the safety and efficacy of your electrical system.

    The transient suppression diode has a lower capacity for protection but can be used on equipment where power surges occur often. Unlike the metal oxide varistor, the TSD does not degrade therefore it has a much longer lifespan than its counterpart.

    When an electrical current is conducted electrodes are ionized by the high voltage and this causes a gas to be released. In a single surge protector environment there are gas discharge tubes that collect this gas. During a surge the gas can be elevated and cause damage. The gas discharge tubes in a surge protector have a higher tolerance than a normal current so when the surge passes into them they store the excess energy while the normal current continues its route to your equipment.

    These devices are powerful tools for your arsenal against component damage. Investing in a power surge protector will not only leave you assured of your security but will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or equipment replacement. For a free quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.

    Brad Germany has been in the electrician field for twelve years and understands the importance in informing the general public about home fires caused by faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is the number one cause of home fires in the country. With regards to home electrical equipment your first line of defense against an accidental fire is a home surge protector. For more information, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician

    As Residential Electricians in Calgary, we are able to inspect and assess the safety and efficacy of your home’s electrical system. Please use the information below to contact us at Calgary Electrician Magician to make an appointment to speak directly with an electrician in Calgary.


    Call Calgary Electrician Magician today for a Quote

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