Debugging a Buggy Breaker

As a token of our commitment to safety, Calgary Electrician Magician is reprinting this information for your use.

A worn out circuit breaker may be the problem if you have a lack of power in your home. If you are having problems figuring out which circuit breaker is worn out, follow these tips provided by our residential electricians in Calgary.

Find the power panel. You must find the power panel in your home in order to see if a circuit breaker is damaged. It is a box made of metal with many fuses or switches in it. You should check in your basement, or maybe even in a storage closet. Power panels can be installed in several places in the home. Generally, it is not in plain sight, whichever spot it is placed it.

If you are having trouble locating your power panel, a residential electrician in Calgary can help you.

  1. The circuit breaker causing problems should be found. If a problem should occur with the electricity in your home, a circuit breaker will stop the current flow to protect the electrical circuits. So, a damaged one should be replaced as soon as possible. A switch that is facing opposite from the rest should be located. You must completely read the label that comes with the breaker to be certain that you have not turned the breaker off. There’s a problem with your power panel if a circuit breaker, which you didn’t intentionally touch, is not facing the correct direction. For help, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician.
  2. Try resetting the circuit breaker. The following step to check whether your circuit breaker is OK, is to reset the breaker. Ensure that nobody is near anything that receives power from the circuit breaker e.g. light fixtures, power points etc. Once you flip the switch back, make sure it’s pointing in the same direction as the other circuit breakers in the box. Get somebody to see if the power is back on in the room. If power is back, and the circuit breaker has not changed direction, there is no problem. However, if power is not restored or if it immediately reverts back to the “Off” position, the circuit breaker may need to be replaced or the circuit diagnosed. For a quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.
  3. You should be aware of circuit breakers that may trip just a little too quickly. If a circuit breaker trips, or shuts off automatically, it may need to be replaced. If you haven’t increased the load on the breaker and you still find yourself checking the power panel numerous times a day an old and faulty breaker is likely the problem.
  4. Watch out for those breakers that just won’t trip. The opposite of a breaker that trips all of the time is a breaker that never trips at all. A faulty circuit breaker will not trip in the case of a problem. It is important that you take care of it immediately so that you don’t become a victim of electric shock. If you are concerned with the safety or condition of your power panel, DO NOT TOUCH IT. If this is the case, please promptly contact a residential electrician in Calgary.

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WARNING: Be aware that electricity is dangerous and can kill you. Don’t touch your power panel before talking to a residential electrician in Calgary first.

Are Your Breakers Buggy? Calgary Electrician Magician Can Help

If you are experiencing repeated issues with a circuit breaker tripping in your home, it may be a symptom of a larger issue. Contact the Calgary Electrician Magician for a home electrical system inspection by a residential electrician in Calgary today.