Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

As a token of our commitment to safety, this information is provided for your use by Calgary Electrician Magician.

Some of the most commonly found issues in homes that you should consider having inspected are:

Outdated Fuse Panels

Older homes may contain aluminum wiring. In itself that does not pose a risk. Faulty or loose connection can cause arcing and overheating which may result in fire. Every home electrical system is unique and requires a proper professional assessment to determine risk.

A residential electrician in Calgary can provide an inspection to verify the safety and efficacy of your electrical system.

Inspections Of Electrical System

Electrocution and fire are a real threat. In 2002, electrical problems accounted for 13,217 fires, 372 injuries and deaths; and over $383 million dollars in damages in Canada*.

Calgary Electrician Magician provides electrical inspections!

Aluminum Wiring

When was your last home electrical inspection? You have your furnace cleaned and inspected every year – why not your electrical system? One of the leading causes for home fires is faulty aluminum connections. Aluminum wiring for branch circuits has been outlawed since the 1970’s. Yes there are existing installations using aluminum wiring for branch circuits but are they installed with the proper copper pigtails and approved copper to aluminum splicing products? This is a major cause of overheating and damage to wiring as well as possible fires.

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(*stats from Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners’ Annual Report for loses in Canada).