Surge Protection

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A surge protector protects your electrical equipment from internal component damage caused by power surges. It stops excess voltage coming into a device by rerouting it to a ground wire which negates the energy. They can add years to computers and other electrical appliances as well as prevent home fires caused by faulty wiring accidents. It is widely ignored by most people and may even be a well kept secret from most, but adding surge protectors to your electronics is a basic requirement in every home. For a quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.

Inside the unit is a component called the MOV, or metal oxide varistor. It is a zinc oxide-based semiconductor that redirects high levels of voltage when those levels exceed the norm. Typically a quality home surge protector will have three or more MOVs lined up in a row to expand the capabilities of the unit. They are coated to protect them from igniting or short circuiting. A residential electrician in Calgary can provide an inspection to verify the safety and efficacy of your electrical system.

The transient suppression diode has a lower capacity for protection but can be used on equipment where power surges occur often. Unlike the metal oxide varistor, the TSD does not degrade therefore it has a much longer lifespan than its counterpart.

When an electrical current is conducted electrodes are ionized by the high voltage and this causes a gas to be released. In a single surge protector environment there are gas discharge tubes that collect this gas. During a surge the gas can be elevated and cause damage. The gas discharge tubes in a surge protector have a higher tolerance than a normal current so when the surge passes into them they store the excess energy while the normal current continues its route to your equipment.

These devices are powerful tools for your arsenal against component damage. Investing in a power surge protector will not only leave you assured of your security but will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or equipment replacement. For a free quote, contact Calgary Electrician Magician.

Brad Germany has been in the electrician field for twelve years and understands the importance in informing the general public about home fires caused by faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is the number one cause of home fires in the country. With regards to home electrical equipment your first line of defense against an accidental fire is a home surge protector. For more information, please contact Calgary Electrician Magician

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