Our Residential Services

  • Service and Repair

  • Troubleshooting

  • Lighting Upgrades

  • Small Renovations

  • Service Modifications

  • Surge Protection

Services and Repair

Our licensed electricians provide your electrical service and electrical service upgrade needs. Contact us for:

  • review and maintenance of electrical panels
  • whole home fault protection
  • whole home surge protection
  • electric water heaters
  • smoke detectors
  • appliance circuits
  • outlets and circuits
  • breakers and fuses
  • Trouble shooting

Do you have a problem and you can’t figure out what’s causing it? Our Master electricians are concerned with the electrical safety of your home. They will use their training and experience to troubleshoot ensuring you are left with a safely operating electrical system.

Wishing your kitchen had more functional lighting? Wanting some extra plugs and better lighting in your bathroom? Like the idea of being energy efficient? Upgrade to energy saving light bulbs by converting to LED lighting, designed to deliver a consistent and balanced light source. LED lighting can be installed as

  • under cabinet lighting
  • recessed LED lighting
  • kitchen lighting
  • bathroom lighting
  • Bathroom

  • Garage

  • Basement


You have picked out the paint colour and chosen your new faucets, now show them off with some new lighting. We will work with your bathroom renovation ideas to ensure adequate lighting for a functional and beautiful space and we will install the necessary outlets to meet your needs.


Longing to install a workbench in your garage? While we are at it, how about some path lighting or exterior yard or driveway lighting? These are multi-use areas that really up the functionality of your home.


Loving your home but needing to expand into your basement for some much needed room?

Basement renovations are an investment in your home that will really give you a payback.

Interested in updating the electrical services in your home? Our experienced residential electricians will upgrade your electrical panel or relocate it to accommodate your home renovations. We also excel in:

  • wiring of automation systems for boilers and heaters
  • installing sensitive home data systems
  • code corrections
  • fishing wire in areas you would never believe possible
  • fixing handyman jobs that have become too complex to finish

Wondering if your system is adequate for all of today’s array of electronics? We can help make sure your systems are protected and adequate for all your needs. Most Calgary homeowners already know to use surge protectors to lengthen the life of their most valuable electronic equipment like computers and televisions. Not only can they stop lightning strikes and other surges from damaging, or even ruining, expensive electronics, but they can also go a long way towards preventing fires in your home. What you might not have known, however, is that the Electrician Magician can install whole home surge protection that buffers your entire house – and all the electronic components within – just like one of those big power strips would. And in the process, they could save you quite a bit in electrical repairs while making your home safer. Unlike models marketed directly to consumer, most of our whole home surge protection systems do not rely on a single surge prevention unit; instead, they utilize several primary and backup surge protectors placed within your home’s wiring, designed to operate in tandem and offer a much greater level of electrical protection than you would be able to achieve with a smaller unit. Of course, to get the most from these, it’s important that you have them installed and tested by a trusted Calgary electrician. Although the technique requires your Calgary electrician to add protection to every incoming external electrical input to your home, and then add secondary protection throughout your house, it is often much more cost-effective than customers would suspect. This is especially true when you consider the savings that could come in the form of reduced homeowner’s insurance premiums and savings on future electric repair.