Most Frequent Service Calls

If you’re a Calgary homeowner who has never called us about electrical work before, you might be surprised at just how much we can help you with. As your number one Calgary electrician, we’ve been able to help with all kinds of electrical repairs, installations, adjustments and more. Here are just a few of our most frequent electrical installation and/or electrical repair service calls:

  • Adding surge protectors to new or existing Calgary homes
  • Replacement of non working plugs, switches and dimmer switches
  • Installation of new outlets and jacks
  • Replacement of existing lighting fixtures
  • Wiring hot tubs and saunas for use in your home
  • Trouble shooting electrical problems and non-working circuits
  • Renovations to the bathrooms, kitchens, and hobby rooms
  • Converting old spotlights into more energy-efficient LED models
  • Reviewing and replacing faulty electrical breakers
  • Upgrading panels and wiring
  • Pig-tailing and proper splicing for existing aluminum wiring.
  • Installation of dimmers to replace light switches
  • Garage wiring

So, whether you need someone to wire a kiln into your home studio or finish that do-it-yourself project that turned out being tougher than you expected, the Electrician Magician can help. In more than 35 years of service to homeowners and builders throughout Calgary, we have had the opportunity to work on thousands of electrical repair projects, and we can comfortably tell you no electrical repair or installation is too small. And best of all, we’re one of the only sources for electrical repair in Calgary to offer, generally, same-day service, and a satisfaction guarantee.